Thursday, July 29, 2010




Armed soldiers of an evil God in the hills
Cursing and abusing victims of their kill
Below awaits a brave company in defense
Against the tide of anarchy among men
Readying itself for the slaughter to come.

Water is scarce, hunger haunts men,
In a wilderness, an extinct tiger's den
More guns and mines, than grass and food,
Empty bellies pressed against lifeless wood.

The great cats long ago lost the fight for land,
To an army of merciless killing bands, who
Spare neither kith nor kin, friend or foe
Do Gods evil or good favour such competition?
Can a specie survive this great extinction?

All are decimated to a desperate few
Trudge to the city of the last curfew
To summon a potent, divine Catalyst
With a future jacketed tightly in his fist
He will not be understood, but will be risked.

To create a chemistry of unwritten music
In an attempt to revive the weak and sick
Can he resurrect and restore lost dignity
To this fallen, desecrated, shamed geography?