Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Growing Years

 My novel titled, The Growing Years published by Global Vision Press is available on flipkart.com. Please buy and review it. The novel is an unusual account of an Anglo Indian family the Wades residing in a military cantonment in Jubbulpore during the sixties. Characters like the Wade family, Glasseye Agnes, Principal of the Divine Heart Convent, Parish Priest Holy Joe and Rumbottom are unforgettable.


  1. An excerpt from my novel titled, The Growing Years:
    She completed her arithmetic homework and tried to finish memorising The Daffodils just before her poetry class, but she grew nervous as the time for her class drew near. Miss Delima entered the classroom with a nasty look on her face, her purple lips were pursed tightly like a purple slash across her face. She had dark lips smeared with red lipstick that turned purple on them. She held a ruler she kept tapping on her desk ominously. Her eyes rested on Anna seated in the first row. Anna got nervous when Miss Delima told her to stand up and recite The Daffodils. She had piercing eyes that pierced through to heart, liver and lungs like an X-ray, decimating Anna to a click-clack skeleton reciting Wordsworth, for all the worth in his words.

    1. You have woven such a real image through your words, I feel like reading more ... I also like the punch in your lines which express so explicitly, so many feelings. Hope to read your book and see you too. With Best Wishes to you for your book. Best Regards,
      Madhavi Sood

  2. Lucidly written. Quite witty and funny. The part chosen from the book is good to evoke interest to buy it.